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It’s a matter of immense pleasure for us to move to the next level in the field of abacus mental arithmetic coaching. This has been possible due to the exciting invention based product modification which has now made the learning and practicing of abacus based calculations not only easy but also stress-free. We all know that abacus program become popular only since the children trained in it perform fast and accurate arithmetic calculations, especially mental arithmetic the speed in calculations as is known makes those witnessing the performance spellbound. Having pioneered introduction of such an exciting abacus based calculation techniques in India in the year 1999 which has now grown as a huge banyan tree representing large demand, the company now – International Abacus an unit by Milestone International of Technology & Management Private Limited has taken it to the next level.


Our Mission & Vision

Why exercise one side of the brain when you can stimulate both simultaneously. International Abacus is the pioneer in the Two-hand, Four-finger methodology that has upped the benefits of abacus mental arithmetic to a whole new level. Our advanced abacus based program and brain gym learning combine the best of an age old skill with the advancement of technology. At International Abacus, we are a different ball game together. We are here to create great minds.

At international Abacus, Our mission is to create great minds. We aim to foster the accelerated learning of the two hand system of advance abacus arithmetic mental oral arithmetic and brain gym practice with passion and to empower our students with mental, physical and spiritual energy for challenges in life.


15 Years Of Excellence

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They are the best. All the instruments and learning kit all are provided by them & after sale service is also very best. Without them I never establish my business.
Jhuma Mukherjee
Franchise Owner,
Best education center ever. There teachers are the best. Very good teaching method. "Thank you International Abacus".
Mousumi Baidya
Franchise Owner



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